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You can return to the original Nier PS3 buy after a relaunch of Square-Enix

Square has been ready and has seen that NieR: Automat is selling well and he liked people. So returns to relaunch the previous one, so we will be able to buy the original Nier PS3 back.

Square-Enix relaunch prequel NieR: Automat and will be able to buy the original Nier PS3 in Europe. It is available for your reservation at the official store of the company at a price of 30 euros. That Yes, the Japanese have not yet made a date to bring it back to distribute.

comprar el nier original de ps3

Yoko Taro game came out in the first instance for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, but only be able to get the version of the Sony console. The title did not reach commercial success, but it was very appreciated by their players. That is known today as a cult game.

But NieR: Automat has sold above expectations and has been very well received in Europe. So Square has been rapid and has decided to set in motion machinery to get many more sales. A smart move, certainly many of those who have tried this work will thus want to see their origins.

Good idea, vaguely work

Although the idea is interesting, it had not been bad to see something else working. The end game is the same and will be charged 30 Euro per a game in seven years. Perhaps a remastering for Playstation 4, with an improved version, would have been better if it wanted to give a second chance. Either we like these things, but sometimes it is even desirable to recover a hard to find game but improved.

But, being positive, all those we were looking for a copy of Nier have some luck. Because go is not difficult to see out the game at this point. It will have to see how get you the move to Square and if the push of automaton is noted in the total sales of the game.

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