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We will not see a kangaroo in Tekken 7 Roger Jr ever of takes them

You can leave Roger Jr. in Tekken 7 forever, guilty. Harada has stated that it removes it from campus due to some activists fear.

If your favourite character from the Tekken saga has been an animal, you can be fucked. Kuma is going to keep, but there is another that is going to be removed from the campus. Now you can leave from the small ualabi; We will not see a Roger Jr in Tekken 7.

Its producer Harada (whom we interviewed at the last Barcelona Games World) has exposed the reasons. In a sense, has a logic that says:

Wandering the Web a video of a man whose dog a kangaroo grabbed him. The man hit the animal on the face. This became a big problem and people began to complain about hit a kangaroo.

Harada said that today there are many more activists who used to be long ago. Although they may not play the title or see Roger Jr in Tekken 7, end up knowing it. And indeed, they would know that another Kangaroo would be being beaten by people. They would show their rejection and, therefore, Roger has been removed from the roster of eligible.

Surely, many of you will be thinking: and what happens with Kuma? The character has already been presented, so it will be in the new title from Bandai. Harada said that the brown bear on campus because it is “obviously stronger than a human”. Di Caprio do not think so, I’m sure.Roger Jr en Tekken 7

Harada confirmed on Twitter that PETA (People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals) has not pressed for this measure other. Themselves were who had uncertainty for possible blocking.

Huh? PETA has not said anything. And I said we’ve worries. What are you talking about.
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-Katsuhiro Harada (@Harada_TEKKEN) April 28, 2017

Tekken 7 will arrive on June 2 in new generation and PC consoles. Yesterday we could see some new modes that will bring the game on a trailer very molongui. What are you waiting to play it? Ah of course, cone, which comes out…

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