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We have a release date for Dragon Quest XI

Promise is a debt, guilty. Square Enix has given all the details about the date of release of Dragon Quest XI. PlayStation 4 for both Nintendo 3DS.

Which alerts is not traitorous, the saying goes. And although in other senses Yes, at least in this Square Enix has accomplished. The Japanese company has finally given the release date of Dragon Quest XI. And PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS has made it for the two initial versions. It seems that to hear the Nintendo Switch will have to wait a little longer.

The games will leave on July 29. Of course, in Japan. We comply looking from here which young greedy and without pasta in the Pocket in the glass of a pastry shop. And if one day of life, it will be within much.

But we continue with the Japanese findings. The announcement of the date of release of Dragon Quest XI has also left us with other things. For example, the rewards for reserving the game. They include objects to increase the experience and gold in combat.

It has also unveiled a Special Edition, as it could not be otherwise. The funny thing is the content of this release. It will be called “Dragon Quest XI Double Pack Hero’s Sword Box” and includes two games. The version of the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.fecha de lanzamiento de dragon quest xi double pack

Finally, also announced that Sony will launch some sort of bundle with the game console. Obviously, this will be nice and decorated with motifs. And it will not be the only one. We remind you that Dragon Quest XI also go Nintendo Switch. So do your cabals. Yes. Nintendo will also offer some sort of bundle. But for the moment has not shown anything official. Japanese cursed…

In summary, release of Dragon Quest XI, double packs and no Nintendo Switch date. What beautiful are Tuesday.

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