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We discover more about the branches of shadows of Guerra ability in a video

Today is to know a little more about the branches of ability of shadows of Guerra, that retaliation will devastate hundreds of enemies

Warner Games and Monolith are eager to show us more about the continuation of the Middle-Earth: shadows of Mordor. A few days ago we saw the sequel running to 4 k thanks to IGN clip. And now, thanks to IGN, we have been able to delve into branches of ability of shadows of Guerra. More specifically on the slope called “Predator” or “Predator”.

I hope to justify the retaliation is to acquire their skills, apart from new ones. Am I the only one that focuses on those inconsistencies from one game to another? Focus on the subject. As you know, in the previous title as in shadows of Guerra there are a wide range of skills for unlocking. And today is to see that we make an agile, relentless Hunter and with varied resources.

We start by “Elven agility”, which allows us to move very fast horizontally and vertically with a sort of ghostly sprint. The following is “Brutalized”, and allows us to basically terrorize several enemies perform an execution. As we see, stays on the line of the former with regard to the dismemberment and gratuitous violence. We can also poison the barrels of grog to distance with bow. With this, we get that the poisoned begin to fight with the first thing they see.

ramas de habilidad de Sombras de Guerra

The following is “Chain shadow”, with which we can perform a series of executions chain thanks to our ghostly companion Celebrimbor. Finally, “Spectrum Mortal” allows us to attract an enemy, again with Celebrimbor, and attack us or the same Elf, running it instantly.

What you think about shadows of Guerra, guilty? Do you like the skills you just know? If you are going to play it on PC, you’ve checked already if you earnestly fulfill the minimum requirements?

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