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The skins will get to Overwatch of the Heroes of the Storm in boxes

If you want to get the skins for Overwatch of the Heroes of the Storm but you don’t like the quiet MOBAs, which will be available in the future through our beloved boxes.

Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the skins can get to Overwatch Heroes of the Storm without playing to the latter. For now, you can get new aspects that are promoted in the single MOBA playing the latter. However, in the future they will implement in the game and will be accessible in the usual ways. Although we still do not know soon to arrive.

skins para overwatch de heroes of the storm

He has been in the Forum of Battlenet where Kaplan has spoken about the arrival of the skins to the normal game. Some console players were pretty hurt by the emergence of new costumes by Heroes of the Storm, since they had no access to them. So the director, which is a good-natured, has responded to one of these:

“Understand fully that there are players who do not have access to a PC to play Heroes of the Storm.” For this, we plan to add aspects of Genji and D.Va officer Oni to normal boxes of Overwatch in the future”.

Skins very cool

However, it is clear that this promotion runs from Pearl to attract new players. So the expected is that these issues do not arrive in the short term, but in a few months. Either way is good news, because go that damn costumes are not cool.

Until further notice, only skins will be available for limited time in Heroes of the Storm 2.0. If you have access to a PC and you want them as soon as possible it would be more, give it a try. In addition, the promotion to get 20 free heroes still active. Two birds with one stone.

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