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The second season of Sense8 advance

8 people, 8 different lives, 1 connection, 1 big change. If you have seen the first, this advance of the second season of sense8 won’t you indifferent.

We encounter after what happened on Christmas day. Much of the sensate fleeing or fearing for their lives. In this advance of the second season of sense8, as they hinted at the end of the Christmas special, the group it seems it thinks fight.

As demonstrated with her sister last season, Lana Wachowski teaches us the more irreverent side of the productions of Netflix. Nudity, violence, explicit language… Hey, a + 18 in all rule. The series already pointed ways when on 23 December he left us an advance of 2 hours of what would become the plot of the second season. And they have not been short.

Avance de la segunda temporada de Sense8

As we all know already, Whispers will not do theirs, and in a way or another will try to catch the sensates. To do so or not is a thing of watching and judging one’s self, right? But it won’t be the only danger of ‘death’ against which the components of the group, will face as their lives get complicated more and more.

The series will return to travel around the world to get the perfect enclaves that fiction requires. Thus, we will return to Seoul, San Francisco, Helsinki, Nairobi and Mexico among others. This was something that the actors themselves were fond, because some could return temporarily to their places of origin and, in addition, the reunion with fellow was always highly anticipated.

Avance de la segunda temporada de Sense8

Color, party and fun

We will see, as we advanced the actors themselves via Twitter, the day of the Gay pride in Brazil. Many colors, busy and fun. And this last must also be during the series, which will make us want to catch them all and hide them in a corner to allow anything to pass them. It is what has to fall in love so dear like these characters.

Perhaps the criticism wasn’t very favorable with the series, but the public loved it from the first moment. Because I assure you that this second season will not be less. As I said at the beginning, there will be lots of sex, many romantic scenes, but also lots of action and suspense. Headaches and many Looooong surprises.

See also new characters that will mark a new rhythm in moments of the plot. And slow moments that we will sometimes not fit, but that if they are there will be something. There are scenes that we will not understand and some “puntazos” that you will want to see again.

Avance de la segunda temporada de Sense8

It is a series of irreverent, innovative and very cool. Fight in each season to prove that it is not anything that has been seen before, and so far it gets. You know guilty, you also feel it? We hope that, as a minimum after this advancement of the second season of Sense8, so.

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