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The financial results of Capcom in 2016 esperanzan company

Thanks to Resident Evil 7, the remakes of the fourth, fifth and sixth installment of the series, or Monster Hunter X Capcom financial results have been more than good.

Developer of games such as Resident Evil 7 or Dead Rising 4 must be happy. Financial results for Capcom in 2016 still give reasons to the Japanese to make video games. But make them good, fuck…

The official website of the company has shown the team yields last year. Revenues amounted to 87,187 million yen, a 13.2% more compared to the previous period. Net profit stood at 13,650 Yen million, representing an increase of 13.5% if compared to last year.

Now, let’s talk about silver. Games have behaved well and which are not? According to the web itself, Resident Evil 7 has managed a solid amount of sales. The game, as you know, has the option of playing in VR on Playstation 4. In addition, Monster Hunter XX aims to “petal” very strong after his departure in Japan last March.

The remakes of Resident Evil have also had wide acceptance thanks to the loyalty of the users. Monster Hunter X in Japan and Asia the same: thanks to the own brand, Capcom took the opportunity to take good slice of it.

resultados financieros de Capcom Monster Hunter

However, games such as Dead Rising 4 or Monster Hunter Stories have not expected standards. Daniel Ahmad, the Group Niko Partners analyst, has set a series of Tweets explaining what games have sold well and which are not as well.

Dead Rising 4 have severely underperformed.

Nowhere near its 2 million target.

-Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) April 27, 2017

The financial results of Capcom seem strong and solid. This will encourage the company to continue throwing games and bring new faces to his squad. Who knows if we will soon see another Devil May Cry, some DLC for Resident Evil 7… We don’t know.

At the moment, hope Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite for September this year. The game will come to new generation and PC consoles. Ready to distribute hosts such as breads?

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