Monday , February 19 2018
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A collector is made with the entire catalog of Wii


Nintendo Switch is more topical than ever, but that doesn’t mean there are tireless supporters of their previous consoles. It is the case of this collector, who has managed the entire catalog of Wii. A true fan of Nintendo and Wii, known as NintendoTwizer has managed to complete the catalogue …

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Super Mario stars in this stop motion done with Rubik cubes

Some fans have dedicated a tribute to Super Mario very curious, and is that have staged to the plumber thanks to the whopping of 961 cubes of Rubik. Despite them years that carries between us Super Mario continue lifting passions between them players of all the world, something that is …

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Junichi Masuda unveils its 6 Pokemon favotritos


Which is one of the main parents of the saga Pokemon, Junichi Masuda, has unveiled their 6 creatures favorite of all them existing, having hollow for even them newly arrived in Alola. By normal general if someone mentions Pokemon as Favorites to one that is not of the first generations …

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Pachter says that Zelda will sell 10 million of NX


Michael Pachter has become. You didn’t tell the truth and today his vision of the future, their predictions and their guesses in the space and time have returned. Seems to be that the most famous middle sector analyst has seen The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The controversy …

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