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Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Already there is release date of Uncharted: the lost legacy


August 23 is the date of release of Uncharted: the legacy lost for Europe. In summer, with the Sun hitting the street. And you, playing it. Think about it, rogue… Naughty Dog has little consideration. Vale that confirm us the length expansion, but… would think who reveal the release date …

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These will be the exclusive Playstation 4 in 2017

Already faces a new year by the corner of opposite, and want to review what exclusive will bring each company. Sony bet strong for new IPs and continuations. Sonyers, I will invoke! Well, and not sonyers: video game loving anyone who wants to expand their knowledge is welcome. Makes little …

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Naughty Dog gives details of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Following the announcement of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Naughty Dog has not wanted to leave in the air to his favorite adventure and gives more details on the PlayStation Experience 2016. Not be has said the last word of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in this PlayStation Experience 2016, guilty. Naughty …

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