Sunday , February 25 2018
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Twitch presents its new affiliate program


After your latest changes and improvements, Twitch presents its new affiliate program that will get a hand to the smaller channels. Twitch has been batteries to stop detracting from all those who want to get started using the platform. It has stopped being just a place only for people like …

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Twitch already lets you change your username

Twitch has heard the roar of thousands of users who repent of your user name and, since already himself, will be able to modify it. All happens to us. It turns out that on many occasions the user name we chose 3, 5 or 15 years ago no longer like …

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Nintendo Switch won’t Twitch or Netflix in its output


Nintendo Switch, the new Nintendo console, will not have output streaming applications. At the moment we are unable to see series and videos on the new platform. This is a non-stop, guilty. It is what is, Nintendo does not present new console all the months, the truth. Features, specifications and …

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Twitchcon 2017 has been announced and already has date and place


Twitch already has given voices on the next Twitchcon 2017 and announces that is held at end of October in Long Beach, California. Twitch has announced finally their new edition of the event annual, it Twitchcon 2017 and have that wait a little still because his date selected has been …

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Twitch, the last frontier of machismo in Internet


A study reveals that the majority of comments that streamers women receive in Twitch is in reference to his physique and not what you are playing. Tetas. Nena. Good looking. Hot. Cat. They may seem the categories of a tube videos, or even chat a girl that shows by webcam …

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EA seeks transparency with the advertising by Youtubers and Streamers


EA will indicate clearly the videos of youtubers and streamers that have advertising purposes. After that another controversy want to be totally transparent. EA has new plans advertising more… clean. Now the content created by youtubers and streamers whose main purpose is to act as a marketing and advertising tool …

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Dark Souls 3 passed without receiving a blow


A user of Twitch has managed to move Dark Souls 3 without receiving a only hit in the process. The umpteenth madness has arrived to Dark Souls 3, game particularly attractive for which want their minute of Fame in it network. For whatever, the last work of From Software gives …

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