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New Tekken 7 modes are displayed in his new trailer


New Tekken 7 modes are displayed in his new trailer with included gameplay. New additions expect Bandai Namco title regarding the recreational version. Bandai Namco has presented new ways of Tekken 7 along with a new trailer with gameplay. After the video of Jin Kazama wearing his style of fighting …

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Bandai Namco announces the Tekken 7 DLC


Tekken 7 will receive several wrestlers in their future DLC, but beware to the fact: these will belong to other video game franchises, as is the case with Akuma. There is increasingly less so that those mythical piques with colleagues in Tekken, this time, with the delivery number 7. There …

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Eddy Gordo and his capoeira will be available in Tekken 7

Bandai Namco has finished with the waiting. They have finally confirmed that Eddy Gordo, the Brazilian fighter that makes capoeira, will be available in Tekken 7. One of the most acclaimed fighters of the Tekken saga could not miss. After showing wrestlers new as Eliza, and not so new as Kuma …

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10 big releases cross-platform for 2017

We don’t know if 2017 will be a good year in regards to video games, but at least looks good. Remember some of them big releases cross-platform planned for this year. 2016 has already finished and now begins a new year, we hope, is full of good games. So it …

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Kuma and Panda are much more “tender” in Tekken 7

The imposing and strong Kuma and Panda will return to be characters eligible in Tekken 7. Look at what hugs are so soft and comforting. Bandai Namco va revealing characters in short doses: already it did with Miguel, or with characters new as Lucky Chloe. The company has determined include …

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