Saturday , February 17 2018
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It is not yet the time for virtual reality on Xbox Scorpio


With the new Microsoft console has been a doubt. What about virtual reality in Xbox Scorpio? It seems that, for now, the team does not think in that. As well you know, guilty, yesterday was a special day for the industry. Finally presented the new Microsoft console after so long …

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NVIDIA presents the Titan Xp, a piece of graphics card


The world of gaming moves and graphics cards. NVIDIA presents the Titan Xp, its new monster for computers. Graphics cards today are as water may both for players and for video game developers. It makes little Nvidia has released with Nintendo Switch and not to leave forgotten computer players also …

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The price of Xbox Scorpio will be around 500 euros


After the announcement of the power of the next Microsoft machine there are many hypotheses that have emerged to its around. Obviously, one of the most important deals with the price of Xbox Scorpio. The mystery has finally come to an end, guilty. After inviting us to be attentive to …

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You can buy HTC lives cheaper thanks to its anniversary


The pioneer of virtual reality hardware birthday and to celebrate, you can buy HTC lives cheaper thanks to its anniversary. HTC lives goes to meet his first year and to continue the tradition of discounts brings us a good cut of the toy’s virtual reality. If to this we add …

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Mad Catz peripherals maker closes its doors


After many efforts to remain in the world of the players, the Mad Catz peripherals manufacturer closed its doors. Some time ago that the monopoly of the peripherals in the world of video games has changed. They were commissioned to create the official controls of Street Fighter V two years …

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So see Zelda: Breath of the Wild on PC

Emulators are again surprises us once again, being The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the last game that has made the leap to PC because of Wii U emulation in computers. Many are players who have launched fully to a Nintendo Switch due to the pitch that has …

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Utomik: what is and how it works


In these times of mass consumption of TV series and video games becomes a service intended to cover the rental of the latter market at a low price. Utomik is still in beta and yet already offers nearly 500 games for PC users. But many do not know yet what …

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Nintendo Switch is cool, but some have hardware problems


The premiere of Nintendo Switch is not only leaving several engaged in the new Zelda, but it is also featuring hardware problems that are giving headaches to more than one user. This weekend the social networks and WhatsApp groups have been almost monothematic due to the launch of Nintendo Switch, …

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