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Temporarily withdraws the last stage of Street Fighter V


Did you like the level of Thailand, the last stage of Street Fighter V which arrived a few days ago? Because it has been temporarily removed due to the controversies that have unleashed the edges of his music. Little by little it seems that Capcom will be correcting errors committed …

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Thailand leads the new DLC Street Fighter V

The new DLC Street Fighter V is not scarce content: first, the location of Thailand, and second, various costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri. We had gone as time without knowing anything about it (since the news of Kolin… has rained, no?). Capcom has not offered fresh content of your …

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Kolin become a playable character in Street Fighter V

CAPCOM has already revealed the next fighter of the second season of Street Fighter V, Kolin chosen to jump into the ring and step making his debut as a playable character. Street Fighter V yesterday promised us that today we would discover the next fighter of the game and they …

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Today same lands the second season of Street Fighter V

Good news for fans of Street Figher V: just today comes the second season game. Comes with riding crop for them Rage Quit. Just a few moments ago was writing about a fighting game, Killer Instinct, when he reminded me that today, December 20, landing the second season of Street …

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Street Fighter V, so fight with Akuma

He already missed many Akuma was not on the initial roster of fighters in Street Fighter V. Now it yes it is, and look at how deals. After a certain period of time speculating about if Akuma was going to be the next Street Fighter V playable characteror not, the …

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The Capcom Cup 2016 already have winner

Du “Nuckledu” Dang has gotten boost is with the trophy of winner of the Capcom Cup 2016, and that Ricki Ortiz not is it put anything easy. It event more known of Street Fighter V is it Capcom Cup, held at the same time that the Playstation Experience (where, also, …

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Capcom shows Christmas costumes for Street Fighter V

“Christmas, Christmas, host I’ll give…” Capcom just teach us the Christmas costumes for Street Figher V. track: there are many red. When Capcom confirmed that Street Fighter V would have contained up to 2020 we were, as little, surprised (for good).¬†Community master race has already played with the mods moving …

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