Monday , February 19 2018
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Gameplays of Gran Turismo Sport and opinion of closed BETA

This “weekend” have been giving him hard to the closed BETA. These gameplays of Gran Turismo Sport show how “good” we are behind the wheel of the PlayStation 4 driving simulator. When I take a video Arcade driving game, I’m a complete useless. Cost me a lot adapt to control …

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Analysis of Blackwood Crossing for PlayStation 4


At Blackwood Crossing, we will learn a little lesson about life, and it may that a lagrimita to escape to some at the end. Get ready for a trip that will touch you potato. A story that will teach us that it is not so easy to accept things and …

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Dishonored 2, first few minutes of the game with your tutorial

Guilty! Habemus 2 Dishonored. We have been able to capture a gameplay with the new Bethesda game tutorial. So is it manquea with style, guilty. Dishonored 2 already is in our writing and, priori, not painted anything wrong. We decided to capture a Bethesda gameplay with the tutorial of the …

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