Saturday , February 17 2018
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He-man is ready to return to the cinema and has premiere date

By the power of Grayskull! He-man now has a date for his return to cinema. The planet Eternia prepares their finery. Sony Pictures has revealed the release date of he-man and the Masters of the universe (Masters of the Universe). The new adaptation of the characters created by Mattel is …

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Criticism of Life (life)


The spatial atmosphere has returned to cover a significant share on the big screen. Gravity and Interstellar returned us the interest in space. With the arrival we are back to worrying about the space invaders. Is there life elsewhere? Life (life) responds to that question. This year we have on …

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Venom: the spinoff of Spider-Man now has a date for its release


Have you forgotten after the ‘signing’ Venom of Spider-Man movie by Marvel cinematic universe? Badly made. The villain still wants to have his own movie and already has up to date for their release. Before reaching an agreement with Marvel for rights of Spider-Man, Sony Pictures was preparing its own …

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Ryan Reynolds and his Life walk also by the Super Bowl


Outer space hides the pure terror. In the film seen on multiple occasions and new work by Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal offers us a twist of what was once Alien, or at least is what advances us its advance of the Super Bowl. The pure terror in space has …

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The sequel to Spider-man: Homecoming will in 2019

After publishing the Spiderm-man trailer: Homecoming, Sony has shown its schedule of films and in the second part of the adventures of the man appears spider. Still have the trailer of Spider-man: Homecoming warm and Sony already has surprised us with the announcement of its sequel. That Yes, something on …

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Spider-Man: Homecoming, don’t miss his first international trailer

When barely have had time to digest the first Spider-Man teaser: Homecoming, Sony Pictures unveils its first international trailer. Spider-Man: Homecoming has released its first trailer just a few hours ago and, in a movement that often not usual in these types of films, Sony Pictures has left us a …

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New promotional poster of Resident Evil: The final chapter


Hordes of zombies, an apocalyptic world and a protagonist with very bad milk and shotguns loaded what can go wrong? Increasingly it is more close to the outcome of the Resident Evil film series, can be already smelled rotting zombie meat and must be loading the shotgun. Resident Evil: The …

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