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Confirmed the delay of the free DLC for Resident Evil 7

They have already said it, guilty. Confirmed the delay of the free DLC for Resident Evil 7. Not a Hero seems to not come in time for “quality issues”. Fans of horror and the DLC (things that might be synonymous in many occasions). It seems that we have bad news …

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Resident Evil VII, detailed the contents of its second expansion


Capcom has detailed the contents of recordings unreleased Vol. 2, the latest expansion of Resident Evil VII. It is available today for users of the Playstation 4. Do still you’ve been wanting to spend fear, guilty? After the release of Resident Evil VII pledged two downloadable content: one has already …

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Resident Evil 7 already has his great Miracle of Sound song


Miracle of Sound back at it again with another great song from video games. This time it’s Resident Evil 7 which already has his tribute of the group, “Welcome to the family”. For tastes, colors, but to me I love. Miracle of Sound, famous group of rock of which already …

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Resident Evil VII, how to get their different endings

Resident Evil VII, the new game from Capcom, hides several late. In this guide I will show how to get both… Although there are spoilers, clear. Resident Evil VII has a lot of secrets such as ancient coins (of which we have made Guide) or Mr. Everywhere (which also have …

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Resident Evil VII, guide to find all Mr. Everywhere

Mr. Everywhere are a series of collectibles that are hidden in Resident Evil VII. With this safe guide which is not lost none, guilty. Resident Evil VII is the latest installment of the acclaimed Capcomsaga, and the game has a series of collectible hidden that help in the gaming experience …

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Resident Evil 7 reaches 2.5 million copies distributed


Resident Evil 7 has had a very good start and has already reached the figure of 2.5 million copies distributed (not sold to the public). Will he manage to reach 4 million by March? Capcom announced that Resident Evil 7 has already reached the figure of 2.5 million copies distributed …

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Resident Evil VII – analysis 4 Playstation


Resident Evil VII has been dropped by the writing of GuiltyBit and how not, we decided to analyze it. Meeting in order to get back to their roots? After having tried on several occasions the Resident Evil VII demo I decided to autodesvirgarme in the horror genre and throw me …

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Resident Evil VII, what toy axe?

Do you remember the famous axe demo of Resident Evil VII, no? For here debut of toy, and has a special use. Resident Evil VII hides many secrets, as coins old (of which we have made a guide) or repair kits (tambieeeen Guide, goofy). Now we are going with a …

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