Monday , February 19 2018
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Kickstarter, a pedal stuck kicking


We can compare to Kickstarter with a bicycle, pedal can go perfectly and helps us advance or, on the contrary, we can give you that end up clogging up to give us a good hit and kicked. The word “Kickstarter” already tells you about the nature of the platform. Something …

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10 important games that will arrive in what is left of winter


We do a small review of those releases that more to the attention us of a beginning of year quite interesting and Nintendo Switch from through. We are already in early February and it has therefore already passed half of the coldest season of the year. However, despite the barely …

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TOP Resident Evil – the worst games in the series


Not everything has been good throughout the history of Resident Evil, guilty. And no, I am not speaking of films, talk about more unfortunate saga games. My dear colleague Javi made, very happily, a top 10 with the best Resident Evil that have been enjoying since the whole phenomenon started …

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12 games in 12 months

As good guilty that we are, we bring you our predictions for this new year 2017 in relation to releases of video games Welcome ladies and give office guilty of the Witch Lola, where, thanks to the power that granted us the spaghetti monster flying, we will review the successes …

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10 big releases cross-platform for 2017

We don’t know if 2017 will be a good year in regards to video games, but at least looks good. Remember some of them big releases cross-platform planned for this year. 2016 has already finished and now begins a new year, we hope, is full of good games. So it …

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