Monday , February 19 2018
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The new game from Remedy will be Playstation 4


The war of the exclusives to get closer to an end, since the new game from Remedy will be Playstation 4. What will try P7? Microsoft can say goodbye to one of their exclusives. Apparently, the new game from Remedy will be Playstation 4. That I do not say eh, …

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Remedy discusses clear linearity of their games

The developer of Quantum Break and Alan Wake study promises more freedom to the user in future installments: “we must expand the formula without losing essence” After having yhbt very seriously with an advertisement (we hoped to bring something new, but it was a job offer), Remedy has spoken about …

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Remedy will show a trailer for their new game “soon”

With more selfishness that else, Sam Lake announced that it will show a trailer for his new play “soon”. To see what surprises us again Remedy. In an exercise of selfishness rather than advertising, Sam Lake has decided to announce that his company, Remedy, will show a trailer for their …

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Quantum Break will be released on Steam in September


Quantum Break has been, until now, one of the major flagships of Microsoft in the current generation of consoles. A few months ago Microsoft unveiled its plans in relation to the game and his jump to Windows, surprising some and disillusioned to others. After the last E3 of June, is …

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Remedy works in two games and neither is Alan Wake 2


Remedy has two games up and none of them will be Alan Wake 2 or it will be published by Microsoft. The study based in Finland currently working on two other projects one to the other but both AAA. The eternally rumoured but never confirmed, Alan Wake sequel looks set …

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