Monday , February 19 2018
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Pokemon Sun and moon, the second Global Mission also fails

Yes, guilty. The second global mission of Pokemon Sol y Luna has been a calamitous failure (once again). It should be a little lower level. Pokemon Sol y Luna is a real juegazo, everything is said. Many people have purchased it: proof of this are the soaring sales that has …

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Pokémon Stars could reach Nintendo Switch with 20 new pokemon


The saga of Nintendo time has coupled with the most anticipated console of the Japanese company to give rise to a rumor so interesting as incredible. The arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon in the portable Nintendo 3DS has been accompanied by a series of rumors about the possible launch …

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Pokemon Sol and Luna, guide of crystals Z

Pokemon Sol y Luna has brought something very cool: the Z movements. But to them, is to locate the Z crystals that are scattered Alola. Here the have all. In truth you thought that with all the things that are still in the pipeline with Pokemon Sol y Luna we …

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Pokemon Sol y Luna, better physical defensive Guide


If you have desire to of see them pokemon that more defense have, here you bring the guide of them five best of Pokemon Sun and moon. Christmas hampers are accepted. No, no we were dead, guilty. Makes some days started a series of guides competitive of Pokemon Sun and moon, …

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Pokemon Sol and Luna has trapping them sales in Japan

Pokemon Sol y Luna is being a total success, and sales have been awarded are proof of this. Look what has gotten in Japan if not you so think… Guilty, we know that you are with Pokemon Sun and moon hands to burn you. For this reason we have made …

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