Saturday , March 17 2018
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Heroes of the Storm 2.0 unlocks new content for Overwatch


We will have new content for Overwatch for playing Heroes of the Storm, guilty. Genji Oni is back and will be again available for those who lost their opportunity. Blizzard returns to regale us with new content for Overwatch by take a few games to its Heroes of the Storm. …

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There seem to be problems with the patch Overwatch 2.09


With the arrival of the Overwatch 2.09 patch and the rebellion event failures begin to emerge in the Blizzard game. Bugs in boxes, friends list problems… the collapse is here! If something works, does not change it. Of the times that I have heard this phrase in my life and …

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Be sure to read the new comic of Overwatch


Habemus new comic of Overwatch, guilty! Thanks to rebellion, we will witness the beginning of Tracer in the peloton and Overwatch problems with politicians. Surely you know part of the lore of Overwatch beyond of the game thanks to the strategy of Blizzard. If comics, that if short… Today he …

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Blizzard will reveal what’s new for Overwatch on April 12

From the Australian Blizzard Twitter account, the company unveiled a mysterious video. In it, announced that we will see news for Overwatch on April 12. There is little Overwatch fulfilled their first year of life among us. If one were to look back can be aware of all the updates …

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