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The analysis of Outlast 2 round aterraría to any


Do you want to spend it well and, at the same time wrong? Try to see looking at the analysis of Outlast 2 round, to see if you convinced. After Capcom and its Resident Evil VII, it is up to network Barrels collect witness games of terror by 2017. Now …

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Finally listed Outlast 2 minimum requirements


Finally they have detailed and specified the minimum requirements for Outlast 2. Sure that your PC can, so you have no excuse for spanking you again. The horror genre is pretty strong this year. Resident Evil VII opened the Tin, and they soon will others like Amnesia: Collection. Red Barrels …

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Outlast 2 terrifies us with two new songs from its soundtrack

Outlast 2 has shown us two audio tracks created by composer Samuel Laflamme and belonging to your soundtrack Since the Net Barrels Studio launched its teaser in 2016, Outlast 2 has been one of the most anticipated horror titles of the year together with Resident Evil VII, and with good …

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These are the indies more expected 2017

Among all the titles coming in 2017, the indies opens a hole making major proposals that have nothing to envy to the Triple A. This year is full of great game on all platforms, but we must not forget about the indies. 2017 titles for everyone, will be us but …

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Outlast 2 is delayed until the beginning of 2017


Developer Network Barrels has posted on Facebook a post in that report that Outlast 2 is delayed until the beginning of 2017. In principle, this title was going to leave this year, being the sequel of which already out there by 2013. The reason for the delay is simple: want …

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