Saturday , March 17 2018
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Top 5 modern games to play with your kids

We saw the ideal to start playing with the kids retro games. Now it is the turn of a top modern games to play with your kids. Hello from new, guilty. Here I bring you a new video as I promised last time. Or penultimate, who knows. But today I …

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Decision-making systems not imposed for the player


Some titles touch morality with no taxes or hidden decisions systems, i.e., opposite to what Telltale Games. “The video game differs from the film in which you are the protagonist, you live the story in an interactive way”. With this argument, which can be branded as political football, they begin …

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The best retro games to play with children

What’s better than a few days of vacation to talk about the best retro games to play with children? Return to the fray with a new article of opinion/recommendation. It’s what touches if bananas at the end of the day. And this time we do grandfather chives to tell you …

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Pokemon vs I – kai Watch, face the big Nintendo 3DS

We have among us the next installment in the ghosts of Level-5. And with this installment opens the debate again: Pokemon vs I-kai Watch. Which one is better. Level-5 knows how take advantage of a franchise. Demonstrated with Inazuma Eleven and continues to do so with or no Kuni 2. …

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A month of Nintendo Switch would and now what?

Today is an important day, guilty. Nintendo Switch meets a month. And at GuiltyBit we believe that it is time to consider what it has meant for us. It seems impossible, guilty, but already today we have been a Nintendo Switch month. In addition, one month long. Of 31 days. And …

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Long death to the live action anime


The live action anime have become fashionable. Although it is early to judge, the background are not exactly good. Dragon Ball Evolution meant, to me, that reads your subtitle, an evolution. It was a very passionate moron and swallowing me anything that cast on TV without thinking what noses was …

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Kickstarter, a pedal stuck kicking


We can compare to Kickstarter with a bicycle, pedal can go perfectly and helps us advance or, on the contrary, we can give you that end up clogging up to give us a good hit and kicked. The word “Kickstarter” already tells you about the nature of the platform. Something …

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