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Criticism of One Piece 785


The straw hats arrive finally to Totto Land in One Piece 785. That Yes, we left for half the first encounter with the Vinsmoke. After the last chapter, this One Piece 785 truth is that he left a good taste in the mouth. It has been significantly faster than we …

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Criticism of One Piece 784


One Piece 784 presents the first two brothers from Sanji. But it does so more sparingly to a lazy crossing the desert. With the normal rhythm of the anime, One Piece 784 moves just a tad more in the Whole Cake Island plot. But very but very little. This chapter …

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Criticism of One Piece 783


One Piece 783 leaves behind the filling and introduces us to the new saga: Whole Cake Island. We started the most ambitious arch that has given the series to date. But we do it with little rhythm. It is normal that a chapter in the adventures of Luffy and company …

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One Piece: Thousand Storm is now available in Europe

One Piece: Thousand Storm, the last title for Mobile based on the famous anime, finally comes to Europe focusing on battles online multiplayer. Earlier this month, Bandai Namco announced that the game for mobile One Piece: Thousand Storm would reach Europe. A small joy for all fans of the series, …

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One Piece, so luce this crossover with Overwatch


Overwatch is always subject to news and leaks. Today has gone far beyond: One Piece and the Blizzard game are fused to make a magnificent crossover which is very handsome. As we see, have a great amount of characters of both games and, precisely, the more iconic: Luffy, Zoro and …

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Select view license all One Piece movies


Despite missing still 2 months to see One Piece into the cinemas Spanish thanks to Gold, his latest film, we have received very good news related to the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates films, and it is that apparently Selecta Visión, the company responsible for distributing Gold in Spain, …

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