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The new DLC Nioh and PVP mode will come in early may

Dragon of the North is the new DLC Nioh coming in May. The PVP mode will come the same month completely free. In the month of may will reach things “buapas” GOTY 2017. The new DLC Nioh called “Dragon of the North” will bring new missions, weapons and items. Meanwhile, …

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Nioh, defeated Onryoki in its high level of difficulty


Phases that ask us to level 200 can move us with patience and wisdom. There goes a nice gameplay where we ended up with the Onryoki BIDA in its high level of difficulty. A lo loco! When we talk about Nioh, first thing that reminds people is the alpha demo …

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Nioh announces its 1.04 Update and free gold armor

The difficult game of Team Ninja reaches the million units sold and they celebrate it by giving away a Golden Armor. It will be available today for all users. Nioh is a great game Lord, and that is noticing. In the Team Ninja duties they have done very well, and …

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NioH is updated and improved thanks to the patch 1.0.3

In addition to fearsome enemies, Nioh also has its fallito. Quiet because the Team Ninja and Tecmo via twitter said that an update that fixes bugs and brings improvements comes. The past February 9 Nioh became exclusive to PlayStation 4 after delight us all with three demos beautiful and difficult …

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All Nioh trophies Guide


Nioh is difficult and in Guiltybit we know it, that is why we leave an extensive guide to all the trophies, with much explanation and videos that will help you in the adventure of William Adams by the Feudal Japan of the 1600. Is there a trophy of Nioh that …

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Nioh, how to get the “Dung beetle” trophy Guide

Among so much death and destruction, a character will send us to pick up ball of dung. We show you step by step that you have to do to have in your possession the evil-smelling dung beetle trophy. In Nioh besides killing much Oni, Yokai, Samurais and ninjas, we have …

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Nioh, how to obtain “Yokai telepathy” trophy Guide

In Nioh the demons have very bad milk, but with some we can communicate and do not they get upset. In this guide we show you that you have to do to get the trophy “Yokai telepathy” easily. To contact a Yokai in Nioh violence is not necessary. William Adams …

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