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2B in Gravity Rush 2 costume comes in May and is pure love

Sony has just announced a new DLC that will replace Kat costume by 2B Gravity Rush 2 costume. And damn, it could not be better, guilty. Go candy that will arrive on May 5 guilty. That day, recently announced Sony, will launch a DLC that adds suit 2B Gravity Rush …

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Nier Automat DLC will arrive on May 2 to the West


Square-Enix has announced that the first DLC of NieR automaton will be in the West on 2 may, as in Japan. We won’t have to wait long for messing us beating with the CEO of the developer and Platinum. The first DLC of NieR Automat will reach West the same …

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Announced the first DLC of NieR: Automat


The first DLC for NieR: Automat is a masterpiece. Da same which add, what is important is that let go us fight against the CEOs of Square and Platinum. Seriously. Square-Enix has announced that the first DLC of NieR: automaton is just around the corner. You will be called 3C3C1D119440927 …

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NieR automaton reaches one million copies distributed


NieR automaton reaches one million copies distributed against many odds. They have merit Yoko Taro and company have achieved one large hollow both entity. Square-Enix has announced that Nier automaton reaches one million copies distributed worldwide. These data take into account physical, digital, and two platforms launch, Playstation 4 and …

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Nier: Controller – round analysis

Today is the day in which all Western web makes public analysis of the expected Nier: Automat. In some media the new Platinum Games and Square Enix takes the highest note. On March 10 is the launch of Nier: automat in Europe and the us. UU, but the majority of …

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NieR: Controller – impressions


With canceled Scalebound, NieR: Automat is all that is left to the fans of Platinum Games. We have already been tested and we bring you our first impressions. The road that has followed NieR: automaton is quite strange. Is something that no could remove me from the head while wrote …

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NieR: Automaton shows his world in this new gameplay


You have desire to NieR: controller and you know it. Sure that you enter more with this 25-minute video where you can appreciate a huge world and secondary missions. NieR: automaton is just around the corner, guilty, and we do not stop drooling for him. While Square Enix is releasing …

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