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Go Pokemon Spring Festival ready to hatch

The Spring Festival of Pokémon Go is the new event prepared by Niantic to give your game some vidilla star and have coaches distracted with the arrival of good weather. Niantic Labs just of confirms that the Pokemon Go Spring Festival is the new event of the mobile game. So …

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Niantic focuses on improving bouts of Pokémon GO gyms


The gymnasia of Pokémon GO combat system isn’t exactly the best point of the game, and Niantic Labs they do: have been marked as main objective to improve it. The Pokémon GO, Tatsuo Nomura, product manager said that gyms combat system of the game is something that they have to …

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Pokémon GO, you can only trade pokemon with close people


Niantic has given new details about the future exchange of pokemon in Pokémon GO. And possibly no will which you move little probably. It seems that pokemon Exchange will arrive sooner take a Pokémon GO. However, and as has been said Tatsuo Nomura, head of product of Niantic, the thing …

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Pokémon GO reach the 650 million downloads


Pokémon GO does not just grow and grow. The users of the game have walked a similar distance that exists between Earth and Pluto to capture creatures. If my grandmother hears… Pokémon GO fever does not download: backward, only manages to climb and climb. After its resounding success in 2016 to …

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Pokémon GO plans 3 major updates for this year


Mobile World Congress leaves us a little pump of Pokémon GO, since John Hanke has given an idea of what awaits us in 2017. Pokémon GO will continue giving war this 2017. And it’s going to do because Niantic Labs has planned three large updates , coupled with the Johto, …

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Pokémon GO already have business partner in Europe


Niantic Labs today announced himself in his official Forum Alliance with Unibail-Rodamco. This will result in more Pokeparadas and gyms for Pokémon Go in shopping malls. Pokémon GO fever does more than upload and spreading like foam. A few days ago added a good set of new creatures, like for …

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Pokémon GO, how evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon


Eevee is a very capricious pokemon because it evolves in (now) five different ways. As well, guilty, already know how to do to make it into the two new: Espeon and Umbreon. If not remember bad, guilty, get Eevee to evolve a Jolteon, Flareon or Vaporeon was a little torture, …

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Now you can capture the new Pokemon in Pokémon GO


Niantic has updated its mobile application to 0.57.2 Android version and the 1.27.2 for iOS which includes the new Pokemon and many more features. Pokémon GO has arrived to Johto. Or Johto to come to Pokémon GO, because of course we do not we have moved much, guilty. But you …

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