Saturday , March 17 2018
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We won’t have the Nintendo press conference at E3 2017


Do you expected to see more Nintendo at E3 2017 due to the launch of Nintendo Switch? Then forget you, since the company has confirmed that one year they not made Conference live. Already is approaching summer, guilty. The longer days, the heat and good Sun will gradually starring every …

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The new system of Dragon Quest XI skills is presented


We have already seen the new skill of Dragon Quest XI system in other games, but it is a small nut turn to the classic formula of the saga. It seems that they want to evolve a bit… Finally. The latest issue of the Weekly Jump magazine has unveiled the …

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This is the opening of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of courage

Nintendo teaches us the opening of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of courage. And Yes, it is very penitas. In Japan they are so cool, guilty. And as usual, we already have the opening of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of courage to “celebrate” the exit the game. And if you do …

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Announced the physical Edition of damn Castilla EX for PlayStation 4

Oh my God! This wonderful physical Edition of damn Castilla EX is super limited! Only 3,000 units worldwide! Come on, deep breath and as I write this news, I’m reserving my physical Maldita Castilla ex Edition for PlayStation 4. What both I overwhelmed? Well, it turns out that Locomalito juegaquer …

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Nintendo Announces date for release of Hey! Pikmin


The Nintendo Direct this morning started strong thanks to the announcement of the date of release of Hey! Pikmin. In this way, Olimar and company assail Nintendo 3DS on July 28. Yesterday we went back to have among us a new Nintendo Direct that the company announced its future developments. …

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Finally confirmed the launch of Miitopia in Europe

After the success of Tomodachi Life, it was expected that Nintendo announced the launch of Miitopia in Europe. And that we loved. If you’ve played a Tomodachi Life, you’ll know how much fun that is doing the Mii to interact with each other. Well, it seems that Nintendo has finally …

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