Monday , February 19 2018
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The second season of Sense8 advance


8 people, 8 different lives, 1 connection, 1 big change. If you have seen the first, this advance of the second season of sense8 won’t you indifferent. We encounter after what happened on Christmas day. Much of the sensate fleeing or fearing for their lives. In this advance of the …

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Adam Sandler films break records on Netflix


Adam Sandler in Netflix movies continue breaking records, making the relationship between the comedian and the streaming platform to continue to improve. It seems guilty lie, but so. Adam Sandler in Netflix movies break records of viewings. Streaming platform has produced several films starring the comedian that worked really well. …

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Criticism of Ingobernable


The President has been brutally murdered. The first lady, accused, becomes a fugitive. It is the starting point of Ingobernable, the second Mexican series of Netflix. With good intentions, and trouble of script every so often, the series anda stumbled to an unlikely outcome. In this critique of Ingobernable will …

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Iron Fist – critical


Iron Fist comes to Netflix to become the fourth member of the defenders. And it does so with a letter of presentation somewhat confusing at times. Dany Rand is, almost certainly the most curious character of all that Netflix has brought us to the small screen. He is supposed to …

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Ungovernable – advance


Intrigues, betrayals and much political plot ahead at Ingobernable. Netflix returns to give the nail on the head with a production that aims to keep the audience in suspense chapter after chapter. Looks Netflix fans are placed during the month of March in Iron Fist. The arrival of the fourth …

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Netflix will produce real Erased image series


Netflix doesn’t announce more and more series, adaptations and anime will be incorporated to your grill through 2017. And now it’s the turn of Erased. Erased comes to Netflix this 2017, and is the new commitment of the company in terms of live action . The long list of adaptations …

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