Saturday , March 17 2018
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Gameplay of the malicious Zamasu Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

We show you the Zamasu Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 attacks, in a gameplay against Son Goku at Super Saiyan Blue. Finally we have to Zamasu Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! In the absence of the arrival of someone, worst Black Goku and Zamasu are bad bad Dragon Ball Super. With the …

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Little Nightmares already has date of launch


The title of Tarsier Studios has official release date, guilty. In little more than three mesecitos can do you with it. Have past already a couple of months since you talk of Little Nightmares, guilty. The last time that speak of the game indie of Tarsier Studios was for comment …

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Soulcalibur meets 20 years and Namco it celebrates with a trailer

Cervantes, Taki, Mitsurugi and company marks the 20th anniversary and Namco Bandai celebrates it with a trailer in which remembers all the games in the series with its year of release. Soulcalibur is one of the sagas of struggle over love. Although it should not be forgotten Soul Blade (Soul …

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