Saturday , March 17 2018
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First impressions of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite


Capcom back together two totally different universes. And to see that such is, here we bring our first impressions of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. September 2017 comes the next installment of one of the most iconic and at the same time strange sagas of Capcom: Marvel vs Capcom. To see …

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Bandai Namco and Koch Media are Made in Japan Games


Do you like Japanese games? Let it RIP from Japan last? As Made in Japan Games allows you to vitiate several games of this style due to his national tour. In recent years much has been said of the decline of the Japanese video game market. No, I do not …

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All the answers to tests of party 5

As there is nothing more typical of students who copy, here we bring you answers to examinations of person 5. In person 5, as in the rest of the deliveries, the characters lead a double life. By day they are students, but when night falls they passed to the supernatural …

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