Saturday , February 17 2018
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Heroes of the Storm 2.0 unlocks new content for Overwatch


We will have new content for Overwatch for playing Heroes of the Storm, guilty. Genji Oni is back and will be again available for those who lost their opportunity. Blizzard returns to regale us with new content for Overwatch by take a few games to its Heroes of the Storm. …

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Now available the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update


After several weeks of waiting, Blizzard has released the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update. Boxes, new collectibles, and even a new hero and scenery are the main attractions of this facelift to the MOBA. Are you a fan of the MOBA? Do you declare your love for Blizzard and …

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You can already play with Genji in Heroes of the Storm

Are you a fan of the MOBA? Maybe you’ll be you know the incorporation of Genji in Heroes of the Storm. Thanks to version 2.0 of the game, the ninja will also need healing in the Blizzard play entra. The coming Blizzard week will put upside down the MOBA, Heroes …

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Heroes of the Storm debuts its 2017 Lunar Festival


Heroes of the Storm brings new 2017 Lunar Festival with an event full of quests and rewards that you will look juicy. We already know that Blizzard loves to have reasons to celebrate little things and bring us new adventures, new objects and designs. This time it’s up to the …

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Valeera Sanguinar will be the new heroine of Heroes of the Storm

Using Twitter Blizzard has announced that the rogue in World of Warcraft-Valeera Sanguinar will next heroin to join Heroes of the Storm, but still have no date. Despite not being precisely its most popular game, Blizzard is still giving mimo Heroes of the Storm in the best way that you …

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