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Hearthstone rises of price in March 2017


The card game had offered recently a succulent expansion announcement. This latest decision, on the other hand, not has left very happy fans. Hearthstone it will increase the price of the envelopes of different expansions. The letters of Blizzard game more expensive the economic value of the basic unit to …

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Hearthstone announces its new update, travel to Un’Goro


Trip to Un’Goro is the name given to the new update of Hearthstone, which includes 135 new cards and some other surprise. We have to be Tarzan this time. Hearthstone will receive a new major update called trip to Un’Goro that promises to add a lot of content to the …

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Hearthstone pirate nerfea and shamans and changes the system of ranges


The metagame of Hearthstone moves in a delicate equilbrio that sometimes requires the steady hand of Blizzard. The pirates and shamans have caused chaos. Blizzard has listened to players of Hearthstone and has announced orders changes to the pirates and some of the letters of the stronger class currently, shaman. …

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Blizzard presents the Hearthstone Global Games


Blizzard launches the Global Games, the new World Championship for teams where the very best of each country will face in epic battles of Hearthstone. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the card game for the fans of the MMORPG for excellence held the Global Games, a World Championship where will split …

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Blizzard celebrates the 20th anniversary of Diablo on high

The 20th anniversary of diablo does not go unnoticed to anyone and Blizzard want to make us notice with details for all games and events The saga of devil is by meet 20 years in Blizzard and what best way that celebrate it of the mode in that them …

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Millenium, team of Hearthstone dissipates


Millenium, professional team that had as a member of the Hearthstone, Pavel, world champion has finally been broken. Makes months that is knows that Remy Llewellys Chanson, director of eSports of Millenium, passed by a bad streak within the Organization but what nobody is expected is that after its March …

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Hearthstone: Gadgetzan mafia arrives December 1

The new expansion of Hearthstone Mafias of Gadgetzan will arrive this same Thursday, December 1. 132 letters, a new adventure… are going to endure? Since it was BlizzCon, already some weeks, we have been seeing some letters of the new expansion of Hearthstone, called Mafias of Gadgetzan. However, not knew …

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Hearthstone: Mafias of Gadgetzan presents a new letter


Have known another of them new letters that will include the new expansion for Hearthstone: Mafias of Gadgetzan, centered in the life of the low funds. It has been announced a new Charter that will be part of the expansion that the recent November 4 was announced at BlizzCon a …

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