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Making Horizon: Zero Dawn? Find out in this documentary


The creators of Horizon: Zero Dawn show us the ins and outs of his creation to know a little better this gem. This generation of consoles has already had a handful of important titles, but there are games that are more than important and arouse more interest in players. A …

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Guerrillas thought to put firearms in Horizon Zero Dawn


Can you imagine firearms in Horizon Zero Dawn? Because it was one possibility rather than real in the first steps of the game. Luckily that was discarded. Who would say that in a dystopian future where technology reigns the world they wouldn’t be rifles or pistols? Well, actually, that happens …

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Horizon Zero Dawn prepares DLC after petal in sales


Horizon: Zero Dawn has had an excellent reception from the public and it has been nothing less than 2.6 million sales in its first 2 weeks. To see where comes Aloy. Sony has announced that Horizon Zero Dawn has exceeded 2.6 million units sold thus becoming the best launch of …

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Horizon Zero Dawn craft is beautiful


Horizon Zero Dawn has a special edition containing a book of concept art from the game. Here are some beautiful illustrations. One of the special editions of Horizon Zero Dawn, the new game from Guerrilla Games, brought with him an art book with beautiful illustrations of the development process. We’ve …

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Horizon Zero Dawn has a spectacular live-action trailer in Japan

Horizon Zero Dawn has decided to get on the truck’s trailers in real action. Although it is in Japanese and we do not understand or Pope, is quite accomplished. Many games have also joined the live-action trailertruck: Super Mario Run is one of them, as well as the much-anticipated Ghost …

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Horizon Zero Dawn, start for beginners guide


Horizon Zero Dawn is finally among us. I think, guilty, that you will much interest this guide for beginners, unless you want to die to grip of raging robotic dinosaurs. March is very strong with very powerful releases. The first of them? Because Horizon Zero Dawn, which reached this same …

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Horizon Zero Dawn – analysis 4 PlayStation


Guerrilla Games is claimed again as the great development team which is thanks to Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the best adventures of the catalog of PlayStation 4. Horizon Zero Dawn. Well, I would like to tell you so many things in the analysis of this new game of guerrillas, …

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Horizon Zero Dawn stars in our unboxing of your press kit

As I want to give a bit of envy we have decided to bring an unboxing of a chula Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn press so you can see everything that brings. Have you ever wondered what is including the edition of Horizon Zero Dawnpress? Anastasio, aka “The beautiful”, has …

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