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2B in Gravity Rush 2 costume comes in May and is pure love

Sony has just announced a new DLC that will replace Kat costume by 2B Gravity Rush 2 costume. And damn, it could not be better, guilty. Go candy that will arrive on May 5 guilty. That day, recently announced Sony, will launch a DLC that adds suit 2B Gravity Rush …

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Sorteazo fifth anniversary Guiltybit: Final giveaway!

Reaches the last draw of the fifth anniversary of Guiltybit, and instead of lasting just one day lengthen it whooooole a week so that you can participate all the possible culprits. To it dude! Have participated in all the draws daily and not you have led none? Quiet because there …

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Gravity Rush 2, attended the launch event

The last 4 of January, Sony presented Gravity Rush 2 to the press. We were invited, and as had food of the good, not could tell that not. What happens, guilty! One more day we have been invited to an launch event, and how not, GuiltyBit went to his appointment. …

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These will be the exclusive Playstation 4 in 2017

Already faces a new year by the corner of opposite, and want to review what exclusive will bring each company. Sony bet strong for new IPs and continuations. Sonyers, I will invoke! Well, and not sonyers: video game loving anyone who wants to expand their knowledge is welcome. Makes little …

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Gravity Rush 2 – PlayStation 4 first impressions

We give hard Gravity Rush 2 for PlayStation 4 demo and we bring you these beautiful prints of a game in which you have to throw hand of gravity and kicks to end with a few dark enemies. The first Gravity Rush, together Uncharted and Shinobido 2 were the causes …

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The demo of Gravity Rush 2 arrives tomorrow


Sony has announced today the release of the demo of Gravity Rush for tomorrow same, day 22. In just a month will have the game and nothing better that a shows to see what such them goes to Kat and to Raven. Just a couple of week ago we saw …

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Gravity Rush 2, full of gameplay trailer

You have any doubts of whether pillar or not Gravity Rush 2? Then take a look at the gameplay in Japanese, to see what conclusions you get. A few days ago you could see a very handsome trailer for Gravity Rush 2, which also brought information about the bonus for …

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