Monday , February 19 2018
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The Dark Souls III 1.32 patch is here


The great jewel of From Software plays an end, despite who gets upset. Their latest DLC, the ringed city, already has its first update, we talk about the 1.32 patch of Dark Souls 3. Patch 1.32 Dark Souls 3, relative to their latest DLC, the ringed city is here. That …

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Dark Souls III presents two new PvP arenas


Dark Souls will receive a new PvP arenas called “The dragon ruins” and “Large roof” the day of the launch of its upcoming DLC, the city ringed. The fighting will be more epic even between those walls. Bandai Namco has announced that Dark Souls III will receive two new arenas …

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Dark Souls 3: the ringed City shows new images


The last DLC of Dark Souls III, the city ringed, us leaves a handful of new images of what is coming. Dark Souls 3: the city ringed shows new images and have a look incredible. Dark Souls 3 is one of those games that do not pass unnoticed, of which …

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Bloodborne, stroll through its beautiful art book


We take a look at a few pages of the impressive art of Bloodborne book. The book that every Yharnam lover should have. It’s been almost two years (March 24, 2015) since he left this From Software that is Bloodborne juegarraco for PlayStation 4. The work of Hidetaka Miyazaki, who …

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Brutal Bloodborne official art book will come to Europe


We fear the old blood. Or the old ink. The official Bloodborne art book will arrive in Europe after spending a year in Japan. And Yes, has a pintaza amazing. The art of Bloodborne book will come to Europe and will from May 23, 2017. The book had come out …

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