Monday , February 19 2018
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Final Fantasy XV will not reach Nintendo Switch


The last title of the Final Fantasy saga seems that finally closes its doors at Nintendo Switch. Hajime Tabata says there are no plans that will have its version. Final Fantasy XV was released months ago but still fit, guilty, and this is because, as I said yesterday itself, your …

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Final Fantasy XV produces benefits since its launch


Seems that Final Fantasy XV you has gone very well to Square, although has been a development very long: is profitable from the day of its release. It remains to be seen with future DLC… Hajime Tabata has revealed that Final Fantasy XV began to generate benefits from the day …

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Hajime Tabata wants to launch Final Fantasy XV on PC


Not would be of wonder that Final Fantasy XV give the jump to PC: not you has gone wrong in sales and now has been the own Tabata, its director, which has recognized that wants that the game jump to this platform. Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV, He …

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Final Fantasy XV receives their ration of honest trailer

Yes, guilty. I know that the were looking forward to. And it’s here. Final Fantasy XV has honest trailer. Spoiler: called emo to Noctis. Not everything will be good news for Final Fantasy XV. After learning that the game has managed to distribute six million copies, thus seeping into the …

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