Sunday , February 25 2018
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The new system of Dragon Quest XI skills is presented


We have already seen the new skill of Dragon Quest XI system in other games, but it is a small nut turn to the classic formula of the saga. It seems that they want to evolve a bit… Finally. The latest issue of the Weekly Jump magazine has unveiled the …

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We have a release date for Dragon Quest XI


Promise is a debt, guilty. Square Enix has given all the details about the date of release of Dragon Quest XI. PlayStation 4 for both Nintendo 3DS. Which alerts is not traitorous, the saying goes. And although in other senses Yes, at least in this Square Enix has accomplished. The …

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10 big releases cross-platform for 2017

We don’t know if 2017 will be a good year in regards to video games, but at least looks good. Remember some of them big releases cross-platform planned for this year. 2016 has already finished and now begins a new year, we hope, is full of good games. So it …

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Dragon Quest XI, new images reveal more information

You have revealed new details of Dragon Quest XI, but nothing of the other world. There is a tree talking out there and little else. That Yes, is still pintaza. The last number of Weekly Jump, a magazine Japanese, has unveiled a few new images of Dragon Quest XI. Although …

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