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Gameplay of the malicious Zamasu Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

We show you the Zamasu Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 attacks, in a gameplay against Son Goku at Super Saiyan Blue. Finally we have to Zamasu Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! In the absence of the arrival of someone, worst Black Goku and Zamasu are bad bad Dragon Ball Super. With the …

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Criticism of Dragon Ball Super 87


As already imagined, the chapter of Dragon Ball Super 87 we would leave a curious pseudo-relleno. Although it has not been such evil after all. Including A17 in the team of Goku and company has taken us longer than we thought. And of course, that you should. In a saga …

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Criticism of Dragon Ball Super 86


Finally we have been able to see in this Dragon Ball Super 86 A17. However, gives us in the nose that has been a tad with its strength. Dragon Ball Super 86 is one of those chapters which one looks forward to. Not only for the characters that appear, but …

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Criticism of Dragon Ball Super 84


We continue with the recruitment of warriors for the tournament. After Vegeta Dragon Ball Super 84 goes for Krillin. And it comes with Easter egg. Dragon Ball Super 84 follows the screenplay of what was expected of him. Goku and Gohan, seek to recruit the strongest Warriors of the Earth …

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Dragon Ball Super 82 – critical


After a week without chapter comes a Dragon Ball Super 82 with lots of action and leaving us to the doors of the real tournament. It’s been two weeks since we saw the fight between Goku and Bergamo, and we were waiting to see how strong was Toppo. And even …

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Dragon Ball Heroes shows at Jiren officially

Dragon Ball Heroes cards recreational machine has been moved forward to the anime and has shown to Jiren, the fighter from the 11 universe that we can see in action in the opening of Dragon Ball Super. Do you sound guilty, Dragon Ball Heroesrecreational machine? Yes, I speak of the …

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Dragon Ball Super 81 – critical


Chapter 81 of Dragon Ball Super confirms what had been suspecting for some time: Goku is the new villain of this arc. It seems lie, but so, guilty. In the Toei are more than determined to make the bad guy in Dragon Ball SuperGoku. And of course if they did …

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