Saturday , February 17 2018
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Damn former Castilla

Announced the physical Edition of damn Castilla EX for PlayStation 4

Oh my God! This wonderful physical Edition of damn Castilla EX is super limited! Only 3,000 units worldwide! Come on, deep breath and as I write this news, I’m reserving my physical Maldita Castilla ex Edition for PlayStation 4. What both I overwhelmed? Well, it turns out that Locomalito juegaquer …

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Damn Castilla Ex-analysis Xbox One


Damn Castilla Ex has given the jump from the PC to the Xbox One. For this installment, Locomalito and Gryzor 87, along with Abylight Studios, have included a series of additives, as two-tier new integers, but they have left intact the difficulty and style that we will directly hit in the …

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