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Criticism of series

Criticism of 04 Boruto


One more chapter to block some of the new characters. But above all, this 04 Boruto gives rise to the arrival of Mitsuki. Boruto 04 once again not a surprising chapter. Rather again serve to stop clear where each ninja who is in the class of Boruto comes. However, that …

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Criticism of One Piece 785


The straw hats arrive finally to Totto Land in One Piece 785. That Yes, we left for half the first encounter with the Vinsmoke. After the last chapter, this One Piece 785 truth is that he left a good taste in the mouth. It has been significantly faster than we …

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Criticism of Dragon Ball Super 87


As already imagined, the chapter of Dragon Ball Super 87 we would leave a curious pseudo-relleno. Although it has not been such evil after all. Including A17 in the team of Goku and company has taken us longer than we thought. And of course, that you should. In a saga …

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Criticism of Attack on Titan 2 × 04


New chapter and new article. Here’s the critique of Attack on Titan 2 × 04. It starts to pick up rhythm thing. The first chapter of the second season of Attack on Titan was rather disappointing. The second, more of the same. But it seems that the plot is about …

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Criticism of Boku no Hero Academia 2 × 04


This time I was right. In this critique of Boku no Hero Academia 2 × 04 I can already speak more than “actions” and “evolution” than of “exposure” and “context”. Although no such epic moments Finally, after three previous episodes, I can say in this critique of Boku no Hero Academy …

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Advance of the girls of the cable


In Guiltybit, we have seen a short preview of the girls of the cable. You have the keys to this first Spanish series of Netflix. Only two years of the arrival of Netflix to Spain. With it a myriad of original series have invaded our lives. Since the defenders long …

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Criticism of 03 Boruto


Boruto 03 leverages to advance in the presentations. It does not aspire to more than entertain and show us some more Shikadai and Metal. New episode of presentations at the Academy of Ninjas in this Boruto 03. Nothing that we not wait after seeing the chapter of the week. Yet …

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Criticism of Attack on Titan 2 × 03


Attack on Titan 2 × 03 moves very little plot and still giving us the feeling that things are going to stay to the middle. It is normal that the first chapter is only presentation and something slow. That one second has “little” also. But in a Attack on Titan …

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Criticism of One Piece 784


One Piece 784 presents the first two brothers from Sanji. But it does so more sparingly to a lazy crossing the desert. With the normal rhythm of the anime, One Piece 784 moves just a tad more in the Whole Cake Island plot. But very but very little. This chapter …

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Criticism of Dragon Ball Super 86


Finally we have been able to see in this Dragon Ball Super 86 A17. However, gives us in the nose that has been a tad with its strength. Dragon Ball Super 86 is one of those chapters which one looks forward to. Not only for the characters that appear, but …

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