Sunday , February 25 2018
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The financial results of Capcom in 2016 esperanzan company


Thanks to Resident Evil 7, the remakes of the fourth, fifth and sixth installment of the series, or Monster Hunter X Capcom financial results have been more than good. Developer of games such as Resident Evil 7 or Dead Rising 4 must be happy. Financial results for Capcom in 2016 …

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First impressions of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite


Capcom back together two totally different universes. And to see that such is, here we bring our first impressions of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. September 2017 comes the next installment of one of the most iconic and at the same time strange sagas of Capcom: Marvel vs Capcom. To see …

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Temporarily withdraws the last stage of Street Fighter V


Did you like the level of Thailand, the last stage of Street Fighter V which arrived a few days ago? Because it has been temporarily removed due to the controversies that have unleashed the edges of his music. Little by little it seems that Capcom will be correcting errors committed …

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Confirmed the delay of the free DLC for Resident Evil 7

They have already said it, guilty. Confirmed the delay of the free DLC for Resident Evil 7. Not a Hero seems to not come in time for “quality issues”. Fans of horror and the DLC (things that might be synonymous in many occasions). It seems that we have bad news …

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Thailand leads the new DLC Street Fighter V

The new DLC Street Fighter V is not scarce content: first, the location of Thailand, and second, various costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri. We had gone as time without knowing anything about it (since the news of Kolin… has rained, no?). Capcom has not offered fresh content of your …

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Capcom does not arise revive Dino Crisis in the short term


Capcom does not mind relive the predators of the Jurassic, at least not in the short term. Despite what we were hoping for many fans of the series, it seems that for the time being there will be no new releases of Dino Crisis. Through Dualshockers we have known that …

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Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers has launch date

The remastering of the classic fighting game from Capcom, exclusive to Nintendo Switch, will go on sale next 26 May. Within little more than one day finally arrives the new hybrid console of the guys from Kyoto. Nintendo Switch lands between us on March 3 with a Zelda under his …

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