Saturday , February 17 2018
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Criticism of 03 Boruto


Boruto 03 leverages to advance in the presentations. It does not aspire to more than entertain and show us some more Shikadai and Metal. New episode of presentations at the Academy of Ninjas in this Boruto 03. Nothing that we not wait after seeing the chapter of the week. Yet …

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Criticism of Boruto 01


Begin the wanderings of the new ninja of Konoha. And they do it with strength, promising epicidad and new techniques in the ninja world. We are going with the criticism of Boruto 01. Naruto finished long ago. However, your anime continued with filling and several adaptations until just a couple …

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All releases of anime of spring 2017


Here are all the releases anime of spring 2017 arriving this season in Japan, and beginning in April. Their brands, guilty. Anime season it is a dot starting, guilty, and with it come all spring 2017 releases that we have been waiting a long time. Among them, how not, the …

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