Sunday , February 25 2018
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Decision-making systems not imposed for the player


Some titles touch morality with no taxes or hidden decisions systems, i.e., opposite to what Telltale Games. “The video game differs from the film in which you are the protagonist, you live the story in an interactive way”. With this argument, which can be branded as political football, they begin …

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The Bioshock trilogy is backward compatible with Xbox One


From these same moments we can enjoy the three games in the series BioShock on Xbox One, so that people who had them for the 360 can pass them to console for free. Gradually Xbox One goes expanding its catalogue with big titles, and not it say-by misfortune-referring us to …

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Bioshock or the perfect communion between gameplay and narrative


BioShock is not innovative. There stories that haven’t been seen before. It does not break with the established. But with everything and with that, the saga of Levine represents the perfect communion between narrative and gameplay. And long. This saga is perhaps my favorite, sharing Crown with Kingdom Hearts, the …

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Bioshock: The Collection, how updated your copy of Steam


With the imminent arrival of the expected by many and not both by others Bioshock: The Collection, 2 K has given different indications for the game original is updated in Steam. Not have much mystery either, but to the not be automatic can give place to any confusion. As I …

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Bioshock Collection is official: will arrive in September


Bioshock Collection is already official. A remaster that binds to the current generation, this time from the hand of 2 K. Games pack will arrive the September 16. After a series of rumors as the + rating from Pegi Taiwan and United States, has been today on June 30 when …

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