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Battlefield 1 details the contents of your Premium Pass


With the arrival of March, says has decided to reveal the name and contents of the expansions of the Premium Pass on Battlefield 4, becoming the first, They Shall Not Pass, in this month. Those that you have done with Battlefield 1 is more than likely that you already know …

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Battlefield 1, so bleeding is coming

It SAYS has decided to update the content of Battlefield 1 with a new mode, which will be free. It promises to be hard and fucking guts. Battlefield 1 continues to update its content after have reached the market, and over, does it for free (as in Christmas). On January …

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Battlefield 1 will have a new game mode for Christmas


Battlefield 1, the last game of TELLS and EA, will count with a new mode of game by Christmas. Also we will give a veneer and Battlepacks by the PIN. Each day we are more pleased with them video games and their events of Christmas. Many take advantage of to …

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New mode of play for Battlefield 1


Get ready to face a new enemy in Battlefield 1, an environment so hostile as the bullets and explosions. Along with the commissioning of servers Battlefield 1 hardcore , SAYS used to introduce a new game to the latest installment of Battlefield mode. This new type of game will only …

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Battlefield 1 receives its first Battlefest


Arrives the first Battlefest to Battlefiend 1, an event prepared for all the players is gather and play by large awards and bonuses. Battlefield 1 receives its first Battlefest, a grand social event that hopes to combine a large number of players in the franchise. It will last since yesterday, …

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Battlefield 1, this is the update of autumn in full

Now available the new update of Battlefield 1 which will compensate maps, game modes and areglara many other things Battlefield 1 is the best launch in the history of it SAYS, and these are not going to let a few bugs, poorly placed textures or the lack of balance on …

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Battlefield 1 is the best launch in the history of SAID


Thus in clear and from Curt. The company has revealed some numbers on your FPS set in the first world war and give genuine fear. It SAID announced through the official website of Battlefield1 which has been “the biggest launch in its history“. Since then, the First Person Shooter distributed …

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