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Criticism of Attack on Titan 2 × 04


New chapter and new article. Here’s the critique of Attack on Titan 2 × 04. It starts to pick up rhythm thing. The first chapter of the second season of Attack on Titan was rather disappointing. The second, more of the same. But it seems that the plot is about …

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Criticism of Attack on Titan 2 × 02


One week, here is the critique of Attack on Titan 2 × 02. The protagonist of this week has been Sasha and her past. Last week I ended up pretty fly with Attack on Titan. It had started with very bad beat and I was left with the feeling that …

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Criticism of Attack on Titan 2 × 01


There have been many years of waiting, but Eren and company have returned, so here we bring you the criticism of Attack on Titan 2 × 01. Before you start, notice, guilty. It is this is the critique of Attack on Titan 2 × 01, I’ll try everything that has …

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All releases of anime of spring 2017


Here are all the releases anime of spring 2017 arriving this season in Japan, and beginning in April. Their brands, guilty. Anime season it is a dot starting, guilty, and with it come all spring 2017 releases that we have been waiting a long time. Among them, how not, the …

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Attack on Titan already has date for its second season

The Titans, Attack attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin, as you want it to call, released his second season in April. Since the attack on the Titans series arroyase the loving public of the anime with its first season (around 2013), have been waiting for as water may (or …

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