Monday , February 19 2018
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All the answers to tests of party 5

As there is nothing more typical of students who copy, here we bring you answers to examinations of person 5. In person 5, as in the rest of the deliveries, the characters lead a double life. By day they are students, but when night falls they passed to the supernatural …

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Here is the calendar of person 5 DLC


The optional downloadable of the new Atlus are a jug. Here you have a person 5 DLC schedule but we notify you: are almost all new costumes and music. Person 5 is coming soon, guilty. And proof of this is that there are already several analyses of the new title …

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Person 5 – first impressions


Person 5 come April, but we have been able to taste it to tell you about what is and what aims to tell us Atlus in his new adventure. From the point of view of a rookie not regular to the genre, I have led a pleasant surprise with person …

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Project Re Fantasy is the new and ambitious RPG from Atlus

Atlus created Studio Zero with one of their best workers to the front to create Project Re Fantasy, a JRPG which aims to return to the roots of the genre. Drag as many fans as detractors and the last few years have not been, precisely, the greater height to the …

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Atlus has a new person in the oven


Atlus not only is centered in its new game, also him is getting cane to the saga person, and already has something new between hands. Atlus is in the crosshairs of many lovers of the role in general and of the JRPG in particular by the new game to announce …

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Atlus announced a new RPG the next 23 of January


This new game, moreover, won’t have anything to do with the person or with Shin Megami Tensei series. But there is life beyond these Atlus RPG? When talk of RPG from Atlus always think, hand in Shin Megami Tensei or in any of its spin off, as the own person …

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