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Analysis PS4

Touhou Genso Wanderer – analysis PS4


We analyze this new work in the saga of the same name, which this time completely changed their philosophy. He plays to see if you do so for better or for worse. It should be, at times, offer a change in your routine. Stay away from the series of actions …

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Horizon Zero Dawn – analysis 4 PlayStation


Guerrilla Games is claimed again as the great development team which is thanks to Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the best adventures of the catalog of PlayStation 4. Horizon Zero Dawn. Well, I would like to tell you so many things in the analysis of this new game of guerrillas, …

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Rolling Bob – analysis PS4


Rolling Bob is one of the many ideas born under the layer of PS4 Talents. This product national performed by Moon Factory, us proposes an adventure 2D where the gyroscope of DualShock 4 is the main baza and at the same time, the greater failure of the game. The history …

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Rise and Shine-analysis Xbox One


Rise, a hooded chavalito, must save the planet Gamearth from the attack of the evil space Machacas of Nexgen. In his journey is accompanied by Shine, a gun with a life of its own, of edge and responsive attitude. Based on a premise as absurd, Rise and Shine is presented …

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Resident Evil 4-analysis PS4


Resident Evil 4 has arrived to my hands more than ten years after its launch. Has the more iconic the survival horror game survived the passage of time? There are games that year. Others are remembered fondly by the time. Some influence in the form in which is sees your …

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