Saturday , March 17 2018
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The second season of Sense8 advance


8 people, 8 different lives, 1 connection, 1 big change. If you have seen the first, this advance of the second season of sense8 won’t you indifferent. We encounter after what happened on Christmas day. Much of the sensate fleeing or fearing for their lives. In this advance of the …

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First impressions of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite


Capcom back together two totally different universes. And to see that such is, here we bring our first impressions of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. September 2017 comes the next installment of one of the most iconic and at the same time strange sagas of Capcom: Marvel vs Capcom. To see …

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First impressions of Solstice Chronicles: MIA


Today we bring you the first impressions of Solstice Chronicles: MIA, an action game where mutants and space marines are the axis of the core. Do you want to know more? As for indoors! When one thinks of people armed and paranormal creatures usually come you directly to head the …

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First impressions of the Crossing Souls


The first Fourattic game comes in spring of 2017, so here’s our impressions of Crossing Souls. Crossing Souls came to light with a very successful Kickstarter and an original and attractive proposal. Since then, thanks to that and to return Digital, it has accumulated enough notoriety. And almost no do …

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Buck – first impressions PC


Get ready for a canine adventure in a world post-apocalyptic. Buck will take you through a wasteland a shotgun and exhaust stroke. Post-apocalipticas adventures are cool, that is true, but and if in addition we give you a retro touch and set it in a doggy world? The result of …

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P.A.M.E.L.A. – PC first impressions


We take the first look at P.A.M.E.L.A., a survival horror of science fiction that we will plunder and be cunning if we want to survive Are you cool adventures of SOMA-style terror, but one that also had fighting and RPG elements like?, look no further, P.A.M.E.L.A. is your game. The …

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All releases of anime of spring 2017


Here are all the releases anime of spring 2017 arriving this season in Japan, and beginning in April. Their brands, guilty. Anime season it is a dot starting, guilty, and with it come all spring 2017 releases that we have been waiting a long time. Among them, how not, the …

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Ungovernable – advance


Intrigues, betrayals and much political plot ahead at Ingobernable. Netflix returns to give the nail on the head with a production that aims to keep the audience in suspense chapter after chapter. Looks Netflix fans are placed during the month of March in Iron Fist. The arrival of the fourth …

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