Monday , February 19 2018
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Follow with us the streaming of Call of Duty: WWII at 19:00

Today, at 19:00 (Pacific time) Activision is going to do streaming from Call of Duty: WWII, giving details and, we hope, date and gameplay. The day has come, guilty. Like every year, you are playing already teach the next installment in the Call of Duty. It has lost some surprise …

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Orissa, Overwatch, takes to reach consoles

Blizzard announces that Orissa, the new character of Overwatch is not yet ready to come to consoles. Orissa, the hero of Overwatch number 24, came to the game a few days ago, although only for the PC version. In consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) still not has made Act …

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Activision Blizzard returns to beat its record of benefits in 2016

Crisis? Who said crisis? Activision Blizzard that does not exist. It may have some guilt the billions that have been generated. I suggest that before we can stand and give a big round of applause to Activision Blizzard. Not bad. No, seriously, we live a turbulent time in which thousands …

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Hearthstone, these are the controversial changes of its update 6.1.3


Lately, specifically since became a night in Karazham, the players of Hearthstonee not are all happy, because believe that the game has lost part of the solid balance that you characterized. Blizzard, always aware of his community, will take the subject – never better said – through 6.1.3 update, which …

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