Monday , February 19 2018
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Our particular forecast of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona FIFA 17

Today played the classic Real Madrid vs Barcelona and Guiltybit have our own commitment… in 17th FIFA. It is fortunate to have among our ranks Narugavision ToniG, also known as the “Spanish Pewdiepie”. With grace and salero, brings us to the Youtube channel of Guiltybit the prognosis of this Real …

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FIFA free 17 at Access EA and Origin Access as of April 21

If you are a Subscriber premium of Electronic Arts, you’re in luck. Enjoy FIFA free 17 at Access EA and Origin Access. Very good news for all those who still not sunk him tooth to the new soccer game from Electronic Arts. As of April 21 you will enjoy free …

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Philips Hue shines in the first season of the VFO

The first PlayStation. Then PC. And now, Xbox. Philips Hue has managed to lift the League title in all three categories of the first season of the VFO. Nothing or nobody has prevented it. The VFO has given finished his first season in the League. There is to play the …

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Team x6tence terrorised by the Philips Hue in the VFO


No one can be quiet in the VFO. A new week has finished with the teams more evenly matched than ever. PlayStation 4, x6tence has cut the distances to 6 points with respect to the Philips Hue. They can be only 3 if he wins his party postponed against the …

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The Valencia and servers of PlayStation bundle it in the VFO


The seventeenth day of the VFO not could played in full on PlayStation due to technical problems on the PlayStation Network servers. There was no trouble on PC and Xbox and left us with the escalation of the Valencia to second place in the Microsoft console. Only could play a …

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Betis is the second Seville Derby of the VFO

The VFO Spain kicks off the second round of the competition and everything stays the same: Sevilla continues on the path of suffering. The second League Derby has become it to lead Betis to sink a rival in the standings. The second round of the VFO Spain has kicked in …

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